*  Move you from distress to ease
*  Balance your emotions with simple practical techniques
*  Alleviate your anxiety and depression
*  Improve your sleep
*  Feel connected to a community of like-minded women
*  Establish a stress management practice
*  Build a personalised routine to help you flourish in your mid-life and beyond
* Become your own mental health advocate! 

How I can help you

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Our mental health can really take a hit during menopause.  This is a 6-week online journey learning simple but effective every daily practices to help alleviate anxiety and depression and find emotional balance during our perimenopause and menopause transitions. This is where we learn how to move from distress to ease.

Mind-Body Therapy for Emotional Balance

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Did you know there are over 34 different menopause symptoms? Pay for individual sessions that are well-researched and designed to support your specific needs. From 5 minute breathing and meditation exercise to 30 minute menopause yoga using yin or restorative poses.  This is where you can create your own at-home bespoke wellbeing support, whenever you need it.

On demand yoga sessions 

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Feeling alone and like you are the only one unravelling is one of the most common feelings during menopause.  Join our online community for a sense of connection, and as a member you will enjoy unlimited on demand classes from my library, invitations to join my monthly well woman workshops, and discounts to my courses.

A place to pause as a community

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I will be hosting monthly online 2 hour workshops where you'll learn Menopause Yoga techniques, breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation to help you manage your menopause symptoms. Each month will focus on a different set of symptoms.

Well woman workshops

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Let difficulty transform you.  And it will.  In my experience, we just need help in learning how not to run away.
Pema Chodron